Our approach to inclusion and diversity is not an ‘add-on’ to our services; from the outset, Inventum Search was founded as an ‘inclusive search firm’.


Since our founding, Inventum has provided a diverse shortlist for every single search mandate. This has always been our guiding principle and will remain so.

We’ve always taken our own path, preferring to invest our time and energy into our own methodology and processes rather than attempting to replicate others. However, from our experience, many search firms talk about inclusion and diversity from an external point of view. At Inventum it runs much deeper – we know the value of diversity; we understand why inclusive organisations outperform their competitors and we know how to engage with diverse and underrepresented talent. How? Well, we’re diverse ourselves.

There are many backgrounds, characteristics, ethnicities and disabilities represented at Inventum Search.


Amongst our team are those with disabilities and neurodivergent conditions, diverse racial and ethnic heritage, a cross-section of ages, education and socio-economic backgrounds, as well as an equal gender split. This encourages a culture of diverse thinking; we believe the best outcomes arrive where there is some cognitive friction – where different opinions and experiences combine to create true innovation. Regardless of expertise and experience, everyone has a voice; our aim is to separate opinion from authority and ensure that we are always mindful of the dangers of ‘groupthink’.

We have a unique insight because of the structure of our group; our sister organisation is Inventum Consulting - An inclusion and diversity consultancy that helps organisations become more inclusive, more diverse and more innovative.


This close relationship enables us to remain at the cutting edge of inclusive and diverse organisational design, talent attraction methodology and executive retention.

For more information, contact Adam Tobias (Partner) at Inventum Search.